Game Day!

I couldn’t start the week off without this obligatory post. Of course we celebrated the first game day of the season. We watched Game Day on ESPN, we dressed in our Auburn gear, we made food, we ate food, and oh yeah we won! Hopefully the less than week turn around to another football game will not be detrimental. Super A was super excited about shaking shakers and yelling “Wah-Eagle!”. He was not so excited about our yelling during the game, or the fact that we couldn’t watch Little Einsteins instead of football (I can’t really blame him. The game was over three and half hours…what?!).

Shaking Shakers

Dancing. Apparently the fight song for Auburn is “Muffin Man”. According to Super A.

Watching the game.

My Mom, Sister and I were watching the game. At the table. Closer to the apple dip!

Oh and see that orange bowl of peaches there. I accidentally left them on the table after dinner. Later Super A came in to the family room and said “Here Papa” and handed my Dad a nice handful of slimy peaches he had dumped out of the container. Good times!

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