From spring to summer overnight

photo3In the south if you blink you’ll miss spring. Now there are always tell tale signs that spring is still there (mainly yellow pollen that coats every inch of earth), but that mild weather that displays the cusp of winter to spring, jumps from 60 to 80 in sometimes less than a day and a half.

After school I took the boys outside to run through the sprinklers. This is the first time J has truly played with the sprinklers and upon watching him I realized two things. First, he shares the same love of water that I do. Second, that he makes his big brother braver.

A has always liked the idea of running through the sprinklers, but is more timid about actually getting wet. When I started the water today, A watched as J ran gleefully towards the water and stood in the middle of it, laughing.

photo2 photo

Not more than a few seconds later, A joined in, slashing the sprinkler with his golf club, and trying to drink the water.


It’s amazing to watch how in just a little over a year J has grown from a tiny baby to a running toddler and how A has grown into a brave big brother. Almost like going from spring to summer overnight. 🙂

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  1. I really enjoyed this post and the one on April 9! Both are well-written and insightful snapshots of life. Thanks!

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