From rain to snow to sun to COLD.

After over a week of literally non-stop rain on Thursday the weather took a turn a few degrees colder and we got a little bit of snow and a lot of ice. So A got to go out and play in his first snow of the season:

IMG_1251 Obviously it was a VERY small amount of snow where we live. A was disappointed it was not enough to make a snowman. However, it was nice to have a change from the constant rain.

IMG_1252 My husband LOVES snow. It doesn’t take much encouragement for him to get bundled up and go outside with the boys in it (J was not interested in going out on this occasion).IMG_1254It snowed for about two hours then stopped and the sun came out and we were left with just icy roads and cold air. But there was sun!

This weekend it warmed up decently and we took advantage of the opportunity to play outside before the temperatures plunge back into the thirties:IMG_1279J was thrown off by the prickly grass and pretty much sat watching his brother play for most of the time. IMG_1280 A was excited to pull out his slide and play boat.IMG_1290And after watching football most of the day A decided he wanted to play a little football himself. Which mainly means A runs from you with the ball, yelling “it’s my ball don’t touch it!”, and then periodically chunks it randomly at someone. Silly boy!

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