Friday Favorites: The view from here

Just a few thoughts on a Friday morning:

I took J shoe shopping this week:

cupcakes and commentary It’s a good thing I did! He was wearing a size five and his foot size is almost a six…new shoes it is!

A was quite excited about Valentine’s Day this year. He loved filling out his Valentine’s, and getting them. He especially loved his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles DVD from us and his new droid from Granna and Papa!

IMG_1625 And J was excited about his new plate and Elmo DVD:IMG_1630J has recently discovered Elmo and LOVES him. It is our hidden gem when J gets really crazy to put on ten minutes of Elmo the Musical. Considering J moves almost non-stop it is nice to have him stand still for just a minute.

Oh and the view from our house lately?IMG_1634Is definitely J in his tunnel with Daddy…his favorite place to chill out!

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