Friday Favorites…on a Saturday

Friday FavoritesSo…it’s Saturday. And I had ideas! I had links to share! But somehow the week ran away from me. However, I am done grading speeches, huzzah! And as a celebratory reprieve I am updating my Friday Favorites now at a few minutes to 5 on Saturday. So feel free to scroll and enjoy while you watch all of those college championship games…even if your team isn’t playing. Sigh. Anyway! On to a few of my favorites from the week!

A chocolate dipped shortbread with toffee bits I am making for my Mom this holiday season. Because it includes all three of her favorite cookie elements.

Your trail outfit cousin Stephie. Seriously! Check out the boots!

A garland DIY perfect to take you from the holidays into the New Year. Could I keep it up all the time?

And a star garland that I am modifying a tad to craft with the boys over their break.

Clay coasters that are perfect as a gift or a home accent. I kind of wanted to make this “clay coasters…bringing back the crafting my sister and I used to do in the 90s…”because that’s pretty much what it is. HA!

Vacuuming, you’re doing it wrong. Unless you are doing everything on that list. Then it’s “vacuuming, you’re doing it right.”

Styling your home for the holidays in black, white, and teal. And Target. So that means 1. It’s great and 2. It’s going to sell out in two seconds.

Breaking down the lightsaber controversy, Colbert style. Oh, I’m sorry…this isn’t news in your house?? If not, consider yourself informed.

My favorite unique kid gift guide.

And finally, for those winter nights when you don’t want to bake a lot, but you want it to be substantial…twice baked potatoes with kale. If these hide the flavor of kale, and my boys eat them I’ll consider them food gold.


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