Friday Favorites on a Saturday Night

Friday FavoritesThat’s my favorite sweatshirt (I’ve had it since I was eleven), and those are my favorite baby boys, and we are watching our favorite “it’s a crazy night and we need a break show” Full House. Which is based in San Francisco. As is my sweatshirt. And myself. Okay I’ll stop.

So, I tested out the wooden spoons after I had posted the tutorial and the paint came right off. Total test fail. I headed to Google to see if I could figure out a solution, but the best I could find was to put a polyurethane coating on the spoons. Somehow that sounded like a bad idea with spoons that were going to come in contact with food. So I removed the post until I can either find a better solution for them to work!

In addition to that when we updated our iPad it decided to spontaneously delete all of my Friday Favorite links that I had been saving on the notepad all week. After working yesterday and coming home, I ran out of time, so I worked on it a bit today and here are a few things to flip through while you are watching college football tonight (if that’s what you are doing, cause that’s what we are doing!):

I love the idea of traveling to places at certain times of the year. Osaka in November is on my list. Not for this year, of course! We barely made it to the Botanical Gardens and back today without J screaming.

So if you watch Breaking Bad (as we do and are caught up on all seasons), you are as stressed out about tomorrow’s finale as we are. Don’t worry, I won’t spoil you if you aren’t caught up…I do wonder if they can nominate a baby for an Emmy though. ANYWAY. If you are watching the season finale tomorrow here is a fabulous looking cocktail and another list of desserts and cocktails for your viewing.

Read it(The Tiger’s Wife), reading it(Looking for Alaska, a student recommendation), and reading it next(Daily Rituals: How Artists Work).

The cow in this sesame street segment terrifies J. A finds it hilarious. I have to say I’m on J’s side with this one.

Did you know Jessica Alba is one of the new style editor’s for Piperlime? Love her style! This dress she recommends looks terrific for fall date nights.

And that’s all I’ve got! Have a great rest of your weekend! 🙂

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