Friday Favorites…On a Saturday

Friday FavoritesWho knew books about a little hamster could be so silly and fun?

Ever since I took Spanish in high school I have wanted to visit Spain and the Italian Rivera. Which are two totally different places.

Sweet little animal knobs.

Open Sesame is what my Papa taught us to say when we walked up to automatic doors. He also taught all of the grandkids how to make the sign for “live, long, and prosper”.

Re-creating the iconic looks of Rachel Green.

A wonderful potting bench for our back porch.

Frosted animal cracker cake. The boys would think this is AMAZING.

Or if you’re not in the mood for animal cracker cake, give passion fruit ice cream pie a try.

New and old school games for game night. Our most recent game night purchase was Pandemic.

Want to not sleep tonight? Check out Stranger Things. B and I just finished the first season and it was awesome. And creepy. Awesomely creepy.

A speeder bike and x-wing print on my Christmas list for the boys’ rooms. Or our living room after B just saw this.

A kid’s room featuring a desk with file cabinet drawers perfect for J’s room.

Back to school apple oat muffins for breakfast and brown sugar cinnamon ice cream for a treat.

And finally, business etiquette for when you aren’t at work.

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