Friday Favorites on a Saturday

Friday FavoritesTiny dragon hunter.

Excellent tips for perfecting your career in your thirties (I really need to work on my LinkedIn profile).

Finding out that education is the key to happiness for children around the world makes me happy.

Fun little herb pots to keep indoors or out.

Updating the style of the nineties both in brand and form.

Hip cross stitch.

Seriously? You’re telling me that fanny packs are back, but I shouldn’t wear flip flops? #signsoftheapocolypse #whatifIalsowearsocks

J is OBSESSED with batman. He has a stuffed batman, three batman shirts, batman pajamas, batman socks, batman Legos, two toy batmen (batmans?), and a bat mobile. So obviously a batman party seems to be on the horizon.

And finally, if you made the tortellini dish from last week, here’s how to use your left-over feta.

Have a great weekend (Enjoy it, there’s only one day left)!

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