Friday Favorites (on a Saturday)

Friday FavoritesSaturday morning at the ball field.

Okay, let’s be honest…this looks like a HUGE mess. But it would be totally worth it, right??

Inspired by artist Rosemarie Auberson.

My essential summer look.

A simple DIY memo board, that would make a great Father’s Day treat for B.

Gotta love a macaroni necklace, but a manicotti necklace? That’s a whole other level.

Summer dinner salad.

The chocolate chip granola bars I’m making for snacks next week.

Walking to lunch wear. Which makes me think that we really need some place here where we could walk to lunch. That would be awesome.

A simple and great game for the boys to set up this summer.

Forget the pillow, where do you get one of those bunnies??? The boys would go CRAAAZZZYY.

A great date night tomato sauce for B and I. Partly because it has no onions, and partly because it has vermouth. So you know, win-win.

And finally…I request a Japanese Maple Tree for Mother’s Day…and a cookie cookbook. Because doesn’t everybody need a cookie cookbook?

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