Friday Favorites (On a Saturday)

Friday FavoritesHiii-yaaa!!

It’s Saturday. Afternoon. Let’s just pretend it’s Friday morning, okay? I’m in the weeds a bit here with grading, which always seems to be the case. I have about 40 papers to get done between now and Tuesday and half nap times and night times to do them in. A is off at a play date with his cousin, so I don’t have him asking me every five minutes if he can play minecraft “nooowww”, and I’m rewarding getting a few speeches graded with updating my Friday Favorites. Enjoy!

What I eventually hope to move our dining table towards…or at least the top of it.

Loving the casual summer effect of a sweatshirt dress, but not the price tag. You could easily put a similar look together with this piece and this piece.

A genius “Hi Five” birthday party.

A marble tray DIY that will have you running to the hardware store to pick up the pieces, and possible your attic.

A global glam bedroom that looks casual, yet put together. And it’s a genius way to bring in ruffle without it becoming too girly-girl.

Icebox cake…still one of my most beloved childhood desserts.

Tassels that have me thinking about making another mobile for J’s room…is he too old for mobiles? Are we ever too old for mobiles?

A sweet birthday decor idea, but what I really loved was the gold and black embroidery hoops. Summer project!!

Perler beads into minecraft shapes. This is going to be our first Wednesday craft project for this summer.

Thoughts on the evolution of blogging.

A mango and avocado salsa perfect for warmer weather, and perfect for A.

Wonderful, amazing plaid. This reminds me of my very favorite dress from when I was 13. I kind of wish I had kept it.

Real volcano pics to show the boys as they are OBSESSED with the volcano at Bowser’s castle.

And finally, lemon cookie gelato.

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