Friday Favorites…Fourth of July Addition!

Fourth of JulyHappy Fourth of July friends! We have spent most of our morning and a good part of the afternoon outside. Our weather is welcoming in July with slightly cooler and a lot less humid temperatures. It’s random and rare, but we love it! The boys have ran through the sprinklers, ate popsicles, and we did two quick activities:

J loves painting, so I got out red, white, and blue paint and let them go to town making an abstract painting:

PaintingThe best thing about painting outside is that I could hose down the boys and patio when we were done.

And then I pulled out my iron on bead set (and I happened to have two stars!) and we made this:

Star CraftI have had these bead sets since the early nineties, I never thought holding on to them would come in handy, but they did! You can also find larger bead sets at craft stores. If you have a little more time you should try this flag canvas. My sister told me about it and it is a really sweet idea.

And of course, I have a few more of my favorites from the week:

Our new favorite granola bars.

This stunt man shirt would fit J to a tee. HA!

A most unique wedding attire and look.

Sweet strawberry themed birthday party with strawberry shortcakes.

Five ideas to deal with sibling rivalry. I love all of these, but my favorite is to treat siblings like a team.

A campfire and s’mores pudding shots. Sounds like my type of camping.

Love this DIY floating frame idea for a certain Legend of Zelda map we found in B’s childhood tub o’ stuff.

A waffle party! Seems like a good reason to purchase that waffle maker I’ve been talking about.

Enjoy the simple things in life….like lots of cute cushion covers that are washable.

A blue forest that would probably be the most epic trail walk, ever.

A patterned picnic blanket idea, that I’m thinking about doing on a linen throw…I’ll let you know if I take it on, and how it turns out!

A gorgeous lace lined tunic that will take you from summer into fall.

And lastly because it’s the Fourth of July….red, white, and blue. Stars and stripes.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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