Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesOur Easter tulips basking in the sunlight.

One palette + Six spring looks = Must have.

Cute little decoupage tins, perfect for spring or using different colors and evolving into summer.

Cute bagel bunnies…although this may confuse J even more about a bunny coming to our house.

Simple ways to use the fresh herbs showing up in the boys’ Easter baskets.

If I go, I know someone who will definitely be along for the ride. It’s purrrfection.

Mini asparagus frittatas…not sure I could get the boys to eat these, but they would make a great lunch for me!

On sisters. I have the best one, by the way.

Apparently, people pay no attention to the weather when they are happy. Pretty sure those people don’t live in the south during the spring.

Creating a better bookcase, shelf by shelf.

Loving a strategic gardening planning, and the container information made me laugh (I’ve always said “in the event of an apocalypse plant mint” And buy a boatload of twinkies).

A fun little cloud mat to make April showers seem less annoying (yes, I know we need rain. no, it doesn’t make it not annoying).

A break from busy-ness is an act of bravery“.

A fun twist on a low ponytail.

A room by room guide to living with kids…and keeping your sanity? Hopefully that’s in there, too.

One party decor idea in two different color schemes.

A host of alphabet activities to help J learn his letters.

Roasted sweet potato and black bean tacos. Yum.

And finally, I dearly love cherry blossoms, even if they do not love me so much.

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