Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesPuppy play date.

I, too, distinctly remember getting silhouettes done at Disney World when I was little. I also remember the ones that hung my grandparents’ house. There’s something a little mysterious, yet very descriptive about them all at the same time.

Taking fruity pebbles to a whole other level.

Three DIY succulent pots perfect for our mantel.

Highlighting dramatic graphic black & white prints.

Classy white lace dress perfect for Easter, a wedding shower, or just because.

PB&J muffins sounds like the perfect lunchbox addition.

Dirt is no match for spring cleaning shortcuts. Dirt be gone!

An answer to a question B has had for years: travel toothpaste lasts approximately fourteen days. Of course, he would want to see the stats. HA!

Okay, I said I wasn’t going to do art in the afternoon this year, but I keep coming up with great ideas! For example, how The Great Wave went old school viral. Seriously, awesome.

We are buckling down and finally re-painting our hallway this summer. Which means I have to pick a color. Am I absolutely crazy to be thinking about white?

An Easter brunch that has me thinking of putting the tea cups at the top of my cabinet to good use.

Love this classic book series discussion, and I already have Cranberry Thanksgiving on my list of fall reads with the boys.

Apparently a “crushed rock ring” is called a druzy. Who knew?

And finally, the Friday night dessert we’ll be snacking on while we see if our bracket holds up during March Madness.

Have a great weekend!

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