Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesSnowed in = Fun outside. Iced in = Playing spies.

Homemade pepper jack crackers + Chipotle chicken chili = perfect winter send off dinner. Because seriously, winter…go away.

But since we haven’t quite gotten of winter just yet, outfit choices for every occasion during the winter.

An adorable tub toy, perfect to add to a baby shower gift or an Easter basket. Because nothing says Easter like a penguin.

The best DIY materials to keep on hand for possible craft projects.

Our hand-carved giraffes and resort drawing are two great examples of how to find the best souvenirs only at Disney World.

A first impression is sometimes the only impression….so make it great!

Someone who took Matt Foley’s motivational speech to heart.

A great little hot air balloon science experiment.

In case our neighbors drop some more meyer lemons by, I’ve got a lemon meringue tart on standby.

Loving a woodsy little drawing that reminds me of the Over in the Meadow book I loved when I was little.

A gift closet that will make you the most popular gift giver, ever.

An outfit that will have you dreaming of spring…or a winter getaway.

Steps to begin designing any room of your house.

And finally…a St. Patrick’s day four leaf clover wreath.

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