Friday Favorites

How can it go from this…

Friday FavoritesTo this…

Friday Favoritesin a blink of an eye? While I work on my snow tan, darlings check out my favorites from the week.

Did you know I was Posh Spice for Halloween one year? Okay it was two years. My love of Victoria Beckham’s style continues to this day.

A black and white print of the 64 moons of Jupiter perfectly encapsulates our subtly quirky home decor.

My new favorite instagram to follow…indigo bunting. She creates delightful and colorful collections of all sorts of things.

A quick way to switch up my “hair is wet and I’m just going to pull it a crazy topknot” routine.

An artist whose circle prints I immediately added to my list of artists to study this summer with the boys.

If you want kids to sit still you have to give them time to run and play outside. How have we gotten to a point that we need articles because people don’t understand that anymore??

If I could put pops of pink all through our house I would. However, I’m slightly outnumbered.

Chocolate covered clementine smoothie? You don’t have to ask me twice.

How to expertly contour your face, and a great palette to create it.

Japanese sweet potatoes that have me excited about our Whole Foods opening.

I stumbled upon “They Draw & Cook” this week and their collection of illustrated spice recipes. I’m completely obsessed with it! My favorites are The Moroccan Spice Mix, and The Brazilian Tempero Baiano Spice Mix…but they are all great.

Wedge sandals that have me dreaming of just a little bit of spare change. And by a little I mean a lot. HA!

And finally, a tutorial on creating a repeating pattern for graphic designers and home studies alike.

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