Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesTwo last pictures of J on his actual birthday day. He is such a ham!

After being tired of having the multitudes of left-over store bought Valentines I’m going on-line this year and ordering a minecraft download for A, and I found an adorable free printable for J.

An embroidery DIY that combines graphic shapes and lines. Such a terrific idea and I’m already thinking about ways to turn it into a project for the boys as well.

Because of the many food allergies B has, I have trouble figuring out ways to get vegetables into our meals. Enfrijoladas with zucchini and corn sounds like a great solution!

A beauty uniform discussion that had me making a list of products to buy. Number one on my list was a fantastic tinted eyebrow gel.

A bright and open home with a beachy feel that is a breath of fresh air on this cold day.

Thoughts on finding adventure in the outdoors and enjoying every minute of it.

After making some pretty blah cookies this weekend, I’ll take all the help I can get. Like secrets to making the perfect chocolate chip cookie.

B has been on a total hot chocolate kick lately. I’m going to throw a malt milkshake into the mix this weekend to switch things up.

In case you have pizza left-over (which is a rarity at our house…J can eat FOUR large slices like it’s nothing), here’s the best way to re-heat it.

An art with kids project to add to my growing list of “things to keep us from spinning our wheels this summer”.

From the dress to the purse, Kerry Washington is always on point.

And finally, one of J’s favorite things to do lately is run around trying to kiss A. Seriously, aren’t little brother’s the best? Anyway, “kiss me” cookies made me laugh, and they would be a kiss A would actually want. HA!

Have the best weekend.

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