Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites Friday FavoritesOpposite ends of the table. Same level of concentration.

This week absolutely flew by. Between teaching, grading papers, homework assignments, party prepping, and dealing with the constant meltdowns of an almost three year old, I’m spent. And we’ve got J’s birthday party this weekend! I managed to snag a few minutes to do some on-line reading, and found a few of my favorites from the week.

A brownie in a mug recipe that lives up to the hype (it’s been tested by myself, my sister, and B).

Another idea option for the flare jeans I got for Christmas.

Neutral rosy make-up that you could definitely do for every day.

A genius idea to re-invent movie night.

A cat catching some wicked air. Seriously. Awesome.

Printable mini super stars to make this summer with the boys.

Unique tips for choosing wine, for when you’re standing at Costco with no clue what to get.

In case you are hosting a puppy bowl party.

A fox that has more paparazzi following it than a Kardashian.

And finally, I love a DIY scrub that I already have all the materials for (virtual fist pump).

Have a great weekend!

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