Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesThese two. Love them.

Mommy brain. Not just a phrase, but a real thing.

These fabulous colors (and some seriously wild animal print pom-poms) are my color scheme for J’s upcoming birthday party.

A book resolution that I could definitely stick with.

And a book to get me started on that resolution (a debut novel. A coming of age through the love of cooking). And another (a book that intimidates me. A story of two children going through the devastation of World War II, and topping out at 544 pages).

A creamy, crumbly, citrusy lemon bar. A bit of summer in the winter, yes please!

FYI your dog really does care whether you are watching house hunters or re-runs of Lassie. Oh and they can multitask while watching it as well.

An ingenious fix for winter chapped lips.

After talking about Matisse’s cut-outs with A, I found a slew of modern paper cut artists. Even more topics and ideas to discuss!

An eclectic yet simple bedroom that fits well with both B and mine’s style.

I have a version of this scarf that somehow has become the boys’ favorite mini blanket. I can’t blame them…it’s ridiculously soft.

So many great boots…almost makes me want to make winter last a bit longer (almost.).

A perfect meal to use up left-overs, have a meatless Monday, or just keep the house warm while it cooks.

My high heels say I should be making bank…my paycheck tells a different story. HA!

Have a great weekend!

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