Friday Favorites

friday favoritesLounging while waiting his turn to get his haircut.

An amazing bento box perfect for a kid lunchbox or an adult lunchbox alike.

Peppermint chocolate cake…seasonal, yet still chocolate cake. Yum.

The musings of the original celebrity chef.

A fun New Year’s Eve decoration DIY.

The dress I was smitten by at Anthropologie over the weekend.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been sick and thought, if only I had a classy humidifier to cheer me up.

A cheery printable place mat (that kids can color!) for Santa’s cookies.

So much style inspiration packed into an affordable book!

The perfect last minute gift for your most treasured acquaintance.

Can an eating utensil be hilarious and slightly creepy?

Thoughts on discovering science through experimentation and failure from the hosts of one of the boys’ favorite shows: Mythbusters.

J has quite an interesting and detailed round-up of what Christmas is all includes baby Jesus, birthday cake, Santa, a reindeer getting a bump on the head, and from two days ago…doughnuts. Do I dare try to make these for Christmas day??

I love the premise of this cookbook. So smart!

I’m not sure you truly understand the role of being the Mom (or aunt, or uncle, or grandparent, or friend) of boys who loves ninja turtles until you step in front of a bewildered person with a shopping cart in the aisle and start tossing boxes muttering “got it, got it, FOUND IT!!” And then you make an excited call to tell one (or all) of those preceding associated people you found Be-Bop at Wal-Mart and they say “SWEET!” because they know exactly what you are talking about.

This make-up set. Makes me want to send B a text with the subject “just in case you need one more idea…”

And lastly, how I feel about going to any store this weekend.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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