Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesFree balloons from Rosie’s = Many hours of fun.

Adorable holiday decorations for a kid’s room + a bonus DIY.

The chorizo and white bean stew I made for dinner Thursday night.

Tips for taking a great food picture.

I’ve heard that dressy sweatpants were a thing for awhile now, but 345 dollars for lounge wear seems a bit extreme.

A sweet little birthday favor craft.

I don’t remember a lot from our family winter trip to Lake Tahoe, but my vague memories include a cabin, the woods, and lots of snow. And it was lovely.

A gallery wall full of awe-inspiring abstract art.

Classic seventies style, updated.

Already thinking about different ways to modify a felt ball garland tutorial, so both boys could participate.

A Christmas tree for A.

But first, coffee. Pretty much my life motto.

My list of art books for A keeps getting longer and longer.

Vibrant and colorful city art prints.

And finally what I think at night when I wake up and cannot go back to sleep.

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