Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesIt’s nice to know that if batman needs help putting on his mask, a stormtrooper is there.

So what are you running for today? Anything? It seems like they have pushed Black Friday so far into Thanksgiving Day it really doesn’t exist anymore. I don’t have a lot of specific items that I’ve got to run for today, but I do have some that I am going to be refreshing my laptop for on Cyber Monday! So whether you are still out shopping and taking a break, or you are already done (good for you!), here are some of my favorites from the week. Enjoy!

A cranberry fizz perfect for our Feliz Navidad party this year.

Since I can now officially claim to be someone who wears my yoga pants for more than just errand running, some stylish options for work-out clothes.

A memoir reflecting on our connection to clothes.

A made a dyed pasta necklace at school last week. I think whenever your child makes one of these you have deja vu of your own childhood. A exclaimed “Look Mommy! The pasta is different colors, it’s dried, and it’s a necklace!”

A definitive guide to expertly wearing concealer.

I love a home that combines whimsy with a fantastic color scheme.

Stripes + Cape + High Black Boots = Perfect Fall Wear.

I have so many books on my reading list right now, it gets a bit daunting….however, I can’t help but add Gabrielle Hamilton’s memoir about her road to becoming a chef.

Since Thanksgiving is over…why don’t you tell us how you really feel about it?

A coat that dreams are made of. No, seriously. Because that is the only way I will ever be able to wear that coat. Dreaming on…

A Pre-Christmas checklist that would make Danny Tanner happy. HA!

An amazing little treehouse that I have on my list to build with A.

And finally…just in case you are wondering why you are leaping over a check-out counter and dashing through the aisles for a most likely sold out flat screen television. Here’s the true story of Black Friday.

Happy Shopping!

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