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Friday FavoritesGood evening, friends! Typically I update Friday Favorites during J’s nap, but today I spent J’s nap time at school with A helping with Fantastic Friday. It’s fun to have opportunities to see him in the classroom and in his element. I certainly have the greatest admiration for not only his teacher (who is awesome), but all elementary school teachers. However, I think A’s favorite part of me coming to school was that he didn’t have to wait for me in car line! HA! In keeping with A’s stylish clothing theme, I found some great Thanksgiving and fall themed links to share. Enjoy!

A beautiful picture filled ode to fall baking.

That’s some crazy weather….nope it’s just November.

A circle and colored pencil art project, perfect distraction for the kiddo’s week off.

Pie crust cookies that seem like the perfect lead up to Thanksgiving pie.

Love the apple and cranberry combination in this harvest casserole.

Casual meets dressy in a black and white combo.

I’m not a big fan of spaghetti, however, pasta carbonara? One of my top comfort foods.

I’m slightly obsessed with flare jeans…here are five ways to wear them.

In case you are traveling for the holiday…never underestimate the power of cheerios.

I’m currently reading Sam Sifton’s Thanksgiving (timely, yes?), and he makes clear that you should save crazy mashed potato dishes for other times besides Thanksgiving. So I’ll make these in two weeks.

Jacket + Hair + Nails + Shoes = Perfection.

Looking forward to pulling up artist doppelgangers for A and I to go through next week.

One day…when the boys are much older…a hike for our bucket list.

Thirteen detailed explanations of how to tie a scarf. I so need this!

And finally, the whole point of the wishbone.

Have a great weekend!

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