Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesJ wanted to be wrapped in three towels after his bath last night because “J very cold”. He’s right! It feels like a frozen tundra here to have the weather dipping into the 20s in mid-November.

My sister gave me the heads-up about a terrific wood slice chalkboard DIY. Perfect for so many different purposes!

B will attest that this is his reaction when he walks into a spider web.

I love a good fashion book.

Perhaps the perfect holiday appetizer, simple and delicious.

Contrary to my own popular belief, apparently I am not a homebody. I own none of those things.

Food. Just a whole bunch of liars. HA!

When you want to make just a few cupcakes.

Ahhh…the bourgeois fantasy of Thanksgiving. And the leaves fell gently down on the table…

All sorts of different ideas for fall layering. Although I may need to skip this and go straight to winter.

The interior designer I started following on Instagram this week. Love her ideas and use of color.

Twenty-five ideas to help you and your house survive winter.

Love this eloquent article on what Goodnight Moon has taught us about writing.

Blueberry bran muffins to kick off a cold weekend.

Did you know I used to collect stamps (not like the mail stamp, but a rubber stamp)? Have we discussed this before? I still love the idea of innovative ways to use them.

Wait, so did hipster’s start dressing alike before everybody else did? Thoughts to ponder.

A chic way to avoid hat hair.

Creamy baked chicken taquitos.

If a snowy owl looks bothered by the snow, what does that mean for the rest of us? Just saying.

Loving deep green for winter.

And finally, how to take a summer maxi dress into fall and winter.

Have a great weekend! Stay warm!

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