Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesTower building at its finest.

Love a sweater dress and scarf combo.

Mistakes to avoid when displaying art (while I love the idea of putting art on the ground, I don’t think it would last long at my house).

A round up of ideas of produce for the month of November. Super smart!

My Nannie kept extensive journals. Like EXTENSIVE. I on the other hand have issues writing anything down that could potentially be read again. By somebody else. HA! However, having a list of journal prompts to get me started could be conducive to doing a bit of writing.

Despite the fact that Christmas is still over a month and a half away, we have family all over the country that we do Christmas swaps with, so we are starting to think of ideas already. On my list so far? A super quotable shirt, a satchel to replace the diaper bag I never use, and a gorgeous infinity scarf.

I told A he could pick a muffin for us to make this weekend. His choice? Cherry muffins from scratch. I am going to make this recipe and use cherries instead of cranberries.

Hair styling tips from the company that makes my favorite shampoo and styling cream. (Spoiler alert: It’s Bumble and Bumble)

Thoughts on the cultural effects of bad grammar. I’m working on eliminating the statement “me and him/her” one speech student at a time. You’re welcome.

Yoga stretches to do if you sit often. Smart for work, and smart if you spend a lot of time helping build Legos and towers on the floor.

A has been asking if we are going to do some art over the holiday break. I am completely inspired by the current Matisse Cut-Out exhibit at MoMA, so I already have that on our project list. Wish we could visit it!

Three inspiring memoirs by women. At least one of these is on my list for my Mom for Christmas.

And finally, when the day comes that I have money to spend on prints….I will be buying one of these amazing watercolors.

Have a great weekend!

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