Friday Favorites

HalloweenAs I was trying to decide a good picture for my Friday Favorites post, I came across this stellar little gem from 2006. B and I as Mario and Princess Peach, pre-wedding, pre-babies, pre-thirties. Time goes by like the ever illusive finger snap that A is currently trying to perfect. As you prepare your own little ghouls and boys for trick-or-treating, here are some of my favorites from the week. Enjoy!

I’m looking forward to spinning our classic vanilla ice cream with a sweet potato and marshmallow twist.

Coats beautifully combining olive green, fur trim, and military details.

I love it when I find extra articles to use for my classes, like the benefits of office gossip. Watercooler talk is so strategic! That being said, I don’t think many offices have watercoolers anymore, so maybe we should scratch that phrase.

And while we are already talking shop, I love a good discussion on the importance of collaboration among group work.

Now that we are finishing up October, time to jump in to Christmas! HA! I’ll get a head start with this chocolate cherry almond biscotti.

Love the fit and flare of these wide legged jeans…combined with the sweater and button-up, it’s perfection!

A sweet DIY rail for hanging picture frames.

A sprinkle covered cookie…yes, please.

I love this energetic approach of brights + whites to fall decorating.

Seeing the haunted prison from The Shawshank Redemption? Definitely on B’s bucket list.

On thoughts of Halloween inspiration, did you know Barbie is a blogger now? I wonder if she’ll do a TBT to when she talked about math being hard. Scandalous.

It’s about to get COLD here, for about two days. These slow cooker country ribs look like a great meal to usher in this bit of winter.

And finally…I’ve got these rising on the stove right now for breakfast tomorrow. Happy Halloween!


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