Friday Favorites

Cupcakesandcommentary/Friday FavoritesJ can officially get on the couch now on his own. And my boys officially look grown-up.

I grabbed hand sanitizer out of my work bag the other day and one of my students yelled “AHH poison!” So in honor of that here are some less poisonous choices.

Parenting is not an elective sport.

Chicken curry with sweet potatoes? Yes, please.

Okay, one more link about Game of Thrones and then I will stop talking about it. Even if you don’t watch the show, this post made me laugh out loud. The trials and tribulations of being a medieval/fantasy/sci-fi fashionista.

As fast as J runs and the difficulty of getting clothes on him right now, I have been stocking up on these easy to pull on shorts. And he might need one more hat….

A has always loved the moon and there was quite a spectacular one last night that he declared a medium sized moon. He said that he wanted to see a really humungous moon and so I found these pictures of various moon images to hold him over until a really humungous moon appears.

Happy Friday!

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