Friday Favorites

Craft SupriseIt’s a magical thing, when you are having a rough day and half your family is ill, and then Granna stops by and puts a bag full of craft supplies, projects, books, and treats on the front porch and everything is better. The boys are getting so used to the family dropping things off on the front porch that they wait now to wave at the window. Their excitement today was groceries, a separate crayon box, balloons, and cupcakes from my sister. J exclaimed “I have my own bat guy now! And my crayooons!” It’s a magical thing. Here’s praying they don’t have to wave from the window too much longer.

That being said, we’ve done quite a bit of sitting this week and here are some of my favorite things I have found! Enjoy! And get your flu vaccines now! I’m wondering if I can pre-order ours next year….or put in for a pre-flu vaccine special. That’d be awesome.

We stumbled upon these fabulous little Leo Lionni board books at the library, and now I’m anxious to read the rest with J. I love a discussion of who, what, when, where, and why!

I always love changing up recipes slightly, and black pepper buttermilk biscuits sound like a great twist.

I hate to give out this secret, but I’m not a huge pumpkin flavor fan. However, this baked pumpkin oatmeal could convince me otherwise.

Great tips on how to cut down hair blow drying time. Always looking for ways to get ready a little faster in the morning!

A bright yellow coat to add a bit of cheer to fall.

One of my friends from college is an amazing thrift store shopper. This insightful look at thrift store shopping reminded me of her!

I would love to start one of these!

Such a simple, yet effective way to make over your entryway.

When things get rough, our family motto is to dance it out.

One of the items my Mom dropped off was a stack of orange plates to make these masks.

Modern, black and white, Halloween garland. Does it still count if we put it up after Halloween? I doubt I could do modern, black and white, turkey garland. HA!

If you tell me that you found a lipstick that looks good on everyone you have certainly peaked my interest.

If you’re thinking that I have a lot of craft posts this week, you would be thinking right. Like this awesome straw paper plane.

A boys’ room I love from the low shelf to the garbage truck poster.

Since I will already have buttermilk for the biscuits above, I might as well make some honey bread as well with a meatless Monday meal of cauliflower cheese.


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