Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesWe made it. One week of togetherness, where A was too sick for us to go out and do anything. And by the way, you are welcome greater population. I kept my sick child at home instead of parading him out to cough upon your shopping carts. Pay it forward. HA!

So while we were crafting, coloring, measuring, baking, and taking extra naps here are a few things that caught my eye this week.

J loves the library and Sesame Street. Thus, an exhibit he wouldn’t cry through and ask for “pockies” (lollipops). Okay, who am I kidding he would definitely ask for a pocky.

My sister brought an article about the myth vs. reality of back to school expectations to my attention and if you want to laugh (really hard, and out loud) you need to read it immediately.

Great song choices to move from summer into fall.

Pie labels that makes Thanksgiving left-overs sweeter.

Now that it’s hit 75 degrees in the south, it means time to pull out the winter clothes. HA! Here’s how to take care of all those coats and scarves you’ll be wearing while it moves toward 70 degrees (and then plummets to 40…gotta love the south!).

And while you are taking care of all those coats and scarves, you should add a new one to your closet…like this amazing cape.

And in case you need a new scarf in your closet, here are some ways to make one uniquely yours.

Is a leek an onion? And would it bother B? Or should I just make this frittata for myself? Questions I ponder.

After watching a Jimmy Fallon interview with Emma Thompson, I put this updated Peter Rabbit book on my list for J.

Flatbread rosemary + black sea salt. Perfect for a fall soup or a tailgating dip. Or just to eat.

The benefit of buying experiences over things. Pretty sure this falls into my Dad’s “you can’t take it with you” category. HA!

This sweet, nature inspired nursery has a few updates that I would love to incorporate into J’s room.

And finally a book all about taking the train and the experiences along the way.

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