Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesHappy late Friday, friends! It’s been “a week” if you will. I headed to the doctor with J on Sunday after he started showing symptoms of  a sinus infection. It was a sinus infection and he started on antibiotics that did not agree with his system, to put it mildly. Which made for quite a long week and several phone calls to his pediatrician to get his antibiotics re-structured and up the amount of probiotics he was taking. Then today after discussing that the house seemed hotter than normal we realized that our air conditioner had stopped cooling. On a Friday. At 7 p.m. So we are turning the fans up high and hoping to make it to Monday to avoid that weekend surcharge fee. There is a book that is a favorite of A’s called “Terrific” by Jon Agee. If you are having one of “those weeks” you should read it. And so without further ado at this late hour, here are some of my favorites that helped make my week a true terrific (rather than a more sarcastic one).

It’s funny because A just asked me today about artists after Pollock. That made this article even more insightful for some upcoming fall break art we are planning to do.

BBQ chicken french breads. Tasty lunch. Quick dinner.

A rose & black outfit that has inspired me for a work look next week.

Thoughts about washing your face twice in a row…I’m too tired to do that.

I love the idea of window boxes outside our front windows. I think J would find one that attracts butterflies especially captivating.

A phases of the moon wallpaper screen that the boys and I both love.

J is going to be “bat guy” for Halloween…I couldn’t resist ordering him a knit batman hat that he can wear beyond trick or treating.

My Mom and I swap book reads all the time…Unbroken is the next non-fiction on my list by her recommendation.

I can never resist a sweet craft book.

I love the idea of having little bits of “happy” around the home. Like dressing up everyday necessity tools.

I love fall drinks, like Mexican hot chocolate.

I like the idea of switching up our pizza dough routine by incorporating some whole wheat.

And finally, toffee bundt cake. To sweeten up any morning brunch.

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