Friday Favorites

September 2014J, happiest when he gets to be outside exploring. A, happiest when he is drawing and coloring his next great adventure.

Giving a sweater dress a feminine + elegant touch.

I’m not in the market for a new diaper bag, but I sure wish I had this backpack about two years ago. It looks amazing.

Ten things NOT to do at Disney World.

A fall perfect textured gray throw.

And speaking of fall some fun (and free) Halloween printables.

The best way to study, I already translated this to speaking practice for my class. So smart!

Obviously I need to find some indoor plants because I keep looking up articles on them. Jade seems like a gorgeous option.

Great style options for fall that include my favorite fall color (or anytime color): gray.

Speaking to every parent that has ever had to potty train a child, or carry a child yelling “NO! MORE TRAIN NOW!” out of a Barnes & Noble while people stare at you like you are crazy. Why do they look at you like you are crazy? I’m not the one yelling, people. HA!

Great ideas to switch up your own lunch routine. The ciabatta sandwich looks amazing and simple. Trying it next week!

We had A’s first parent-teacher conference this week. His reading is progressing really well and I am now getting BOB books to help him along based on his teacher’s recommendation.

This tumblr of mom stock photos will make you laugh out loud. I promise. Go read it. Today.

Every year Santa brings the boys their presents in some sort of organizing container. I’m thinking “he” might get crafty this year and make “his” own. “He” better start working now!

And lastly, as we usher in fall this weekend marshmallow chocolate chip magic bars. You all know I can’t resist a good toasted marshmallow!

Have a great weekend!


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