Friday Favorites

friday favoritesOur summer heat wave is about to take a turn towards fall, so the boys have been eager to expend their last bits of water-filled outdoor time. A has always been super particular about water, so this picture of him soaking himself is a true anomaly. I’ve always said both boys could go out to play in the sprinkler and J will come in soaked through and A will come in bone dry. Not this time.

And speaking of fall (we were talking about that, weren’t we?), one of my favorite things is new make-up trends. I already have this eye liner, and a satiny green nail polish on my list.

I’m trying to decided on floor cushions for our study, and this Chevron one is on my list.

I opened a new Agatha Christie book the other night and was telling B how much I appreciate the smell of a new book. Obviously, that makes my side of the physical book vs. digital book debate clear.

For A’s fall activities we decided to do non-committal tennis lessons and two four-week after school clubs. Our on-going discussion into choosing those activities really resonates with this article on the choices of after-school activities.

A party sign with maximum impact and minimal effort.

Adorable totem animals to introduce geometric shapes to little hands.

A vibrant and playful cherry tree print.

I’m not particularly stringent on rules of etiquette in hosting, but I find the ideas within it fascinating.

Go outside and play.

A little bunting craft, made for doing with your favorite five year old.

Simple lunchbox ideas that I could truly translate to the boys’ lunches.

A lovely living room update that could be done in a weekend and with a trip to Target.

And lastly, A’s birthday party theme, presents, and activities changes daily right now. One of his ideas was “camping where everybody camps. And such.” His words. That boy.

Have a great weekend!

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