Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesOur week of extracurricular activities, including: J practicing his Hollywood square hand print, the return of story time at the library, and A working to perfect his forehand and backhand swing at tennis.

A gorgeous guest room and I already have plans for doing the magazine hanger DIY.

This detailed double hook for our foyer is a steal!

Innovative uses of color and tapestry.

Clothes perfect for both a trip to Africa and fall in the south.

Buttery, smokey perfect shrimp and gouda grits.

Peach ginger muffins for breakfast or the boys’ lunchboxes.

Addressing the awkwardness that is leaving a party.

Proof that no good can come from liking everything on facebook.

A baseball sweater perfect for fall errand running.

Would love to create this hanging garden on our back porch.

A great read for the boys plus a sweet bedtime project.

Two guys from California try to find the “insanity” of tailgating at Auburn and are met with….politeness. Ya’ll, this is hilarious!

And finally…the boys’ cookie of the week.

Have a great weekend!

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