Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesWhen you’re two there’s nothing better than fresh ice cream and a big spoon to eat it with.

I have found the outdoor space to create in our backyard. Now all I need is an extra 3-4 thousand dollars to make it happen. HA!

Be yourself.

The awesome travels of Lego people.

The revival of the postmodern movement.

Cowboy bark brownies that will make you happy even if you don’t have a Trader Joe’s nearby.

How to freshen up your fridge in a few easy steps.

As today was the boys’ last Friday before school starts, we have been following this choose your own adventure plan. So far A has eaten all his favorite breakfast items at once, tried an orange bell pepper, coached us in basketball, played chalk, play-doh, had pizza for lunch, played Lego’s with B, and ate popsicles outside. A pretty terrific day if you are 2 and 5.

Some great tips for kids that are uneasy about trying fish (like mine).

Considering my favorite nude lipstick is none, any of these would be an update.

Great ideas for indoor plants and containers…I write this as I am looking at an empty plant container on our fireplace mantel. So….I should take some notes.

We love mint ice cream around here. Especially with J approved “CHOCOLATE CHIP!”

I’m thinking about trying breakfast “cookies” for my little pop tart eater next week.

And finally…art makes you smart. You’re welcome.

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