Friday Favorites


SwimFeels like summer.

Southwest BLT salad sounds like the perfect lunch.

On the hunt for a look for less of this gold and geometric side table.

Breakfast bagel bar party that you could put together for any occasion.

Simple, yet insightful tips for hiking with kids.

So when the ends of my hair got super dry my hairstylist recommended coconut oil. When J had terrible tangles in his hair my hairstylist recommended coconut oil. I also use coconut oil in my granola bars. So…there’s that.

My love for wisteria is right up there with cherry blossoms.

A DIY to give you a reason to pick up a few extra coasters at IKEA.

Nine reasons I’m like Danny Tanner. HA!

A graphic, patterned, and bright bedroom that uses all of my favorite colors!

I had terrific protein squares with chia seed this week, and if I get the recipe I’ll share it! Until then, try these strawberry chia jam snack squares.

An insightful article about how to get past procrastination….if I ever getting around to reading it. Just kidding…I read it, you should too!

Reminding my kiddos to be awesome on their way out the door to school with some free printables.

On parenting in Germany…by one of my favorite food authors.

Biker, Military, or Tailored? The only question….is buying three jackets at once too much?

And lastly…If you’re a Star Wars fan this is the best photo bomb, ever.

Have a great weekend!

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