Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesSmiles all around! A completed a week of Little Gym camp with cousin J, and to say they had the best time would probably be an understatement. We are at the point in the summer where A really needs some outside things to do (outside of the house), and the camp couldn’t have come at a better time. This weekend we are looking forward to dinner with friends, letting A ride his bike on one of the trails, checking on the garden at my parents’ house, and getting our first basket of produce from here. My sister and I are going in together on a basket and I am excited about what we will be splitting. I’ll share next week! Have a great weekend!

How to create a great summer-proof smoky eye.

Ten things you should not buy at the grocery store. A would totally disagree with the lunchables one.

Ah, there really is nothing like an organized pantry.

Keeping this in mind in case we ever get REALLY serious about hiking.

If you aren’t interested in creating a smoky eye, how about a bronzed peach make-up look?

A terrific travel log of Charleston. Makes me think it would be a great fall break trip for the boys and us!

A sweet little car print that would be great in either of the boys’ rooms….or in your hall bath, K! Check it out!

I have a collection of mirrors throughout or house from exotic places like Wal-Mart and Lowe’s. Grouping them all together one day would be a cool idea.

So, I tried the pretzel bun sandwich at Wendy’s on Thursday…and I’m telling you right now it’s not this good. No matter what Boyz II Men says.

Hey, you know what people are doing at IKEA in China? Sleeping. No, seriously.

And speaking of IKEA, I’m adding the cart featured in this article to my list.

Sweat-proof summer make-up. I’d love to try these products and see how they hold up in our humidity!

A plan idea for next year’s garden at my parents.

Another great summer read….I don’t think I’m going to finish my list if I keep picking up side books!

And lastly, a frozen coconut limeade sounds like the perfect weekend drink for the summer!


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