Friday Favorites

Bath time“May I join you?”

My love of striped dresses continues.

I’m pretty sure a lightening bolt mobile is Harry Potter approved. 🙂

Would you be willing to wash your hair only once a week?

Thinking about a bit of fall in the midst of summer.

I love the messy yet intricate style of this low braided bun.

A level of finger painting skills beyond imagination.

Steak fajitas in a cast iron skillet.

A sassy little lip balm to brighten up summer!

A stack of waves that are sweet decor as well as play items.

Another way to use up our mint!

In On the Noodle Road, I kept reading about yurts. I kept thinking…what’s a yurt? So here is what it is…and it looks fabulous.

Get your classic Nintendo down from your closet: Here’s how to beat the original Super Mario Brothers in less than five minutes.

A blueberry coconut smoothie to start out a summer morning.

Spoiler alert: The keys to a lasting marriage are kindness and generosity.

And finally, A said to me that he wants to have a trail birthday party (a mere four months away). I am already looking up ideas like this nature inspired party.

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