Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesThe heat of summer is upon us and it’s not even summer quite yet. We are combating it with lots of ice for our puppy sitting charges, lots of sprinkler running, and lots of sunscreen, hats, and popsicles!

A toddler birthday party that uses whimsical geometric shapes. To be honest, you could do this party for any age.

Do you own a denim jacket? They are back on the up swing of style. I have been rocking mine since 2000, it’s vintage Gap. HA!

The combination of oatmeal, blueberries, and coconut makes these muffins a win on my list for breakfasts for the the boys.

Every time I go to buy fabric for an upholstery project, I struggle with how much I actually need. Well, here’s the answer.

A sweet ombre heart tutorial.

I love the mix of nature and crafting in this inquisitive book. I’m thinking about adding it to the boy’s July summer box.

The alternative title for this should be how to fix your hair in the south.

You guys. I really need to stop adding books to my reading list. However, when I read a review of That Summer in Sicily, I knew I was going to add it.

Coveting this crochet dress look.

A saw an amtrack train while we were riding the metro in D.C. There after, A wants to take a train someplace. A trip on the Grand Canyon Railway would be a dream for him.

I’ve been scrambling this week to find soy free, onion free recipes (we just rack up the food allergies around here, BTW). I made spaghetti carbonara last night because it met all the criteria and I had all of the needed ingredients in house.

Llamas are fancy. As they should be.

I am headed out tomorrow to run a few errands and I am picking up a star scarf for a little DIY project I am working on for my IKEA frames.

And speaking of DIY…here are five DIY tools that are must haves and projects for them. I have all the tools except the rotary cutter, so obviously that needs to be on my craft list.

And lastly, Victoria Beckham’s daughter, of course, is a budding fashionista. However, I could go not get over the paper doll book she has! Love!

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