Friday Favorites

cat in the hatThe sun did not shine

for ten minutes

It was too wet to play

because we had just soaked each other with hoses and gotten dried off and Mommy said we could not go right back out

so we sat in the house

playing robot space ship to the rain cloud

on that cold, cold wet day

which was 85 degrees, hot and humid.

And now on to a few of my favorites from the week!

While it may be true, I could never imagine another year of middle school. Yuck.

If I keep adding books to my list I may never get finished with my summer reading, however, the memoir Summer at Tiffany seems like a perfect summer read.

Going specifically to Nordstrom on our vacation to pick up this Cherish lipgloss by Jouer.

Zooey Deschanel’s beauty routine. Love her!

Six things to do every day to keep your house clean.

I keep looking at different headbands and turbans to dress up my uniform summer top knot. I need to take the plunge and buy a few to switch it up!

Of course, I could also try bringing it down and doing a braided style.

Strawberry rhubarb crisp bars.

A insisted on us planning chocolate mint this year…now I have some ideas on how to use it!

A hilarious preschool commencement address.

And finally, I let A have a choice on some t-shirts I was buying. Which means he is now the proud owner of an angry birds on ice cream cones t-shirt. I don’t try to understand it.

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