Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites“We’re BOOOORRREED!” A said. “Go inside!!” J said. I turned off the sprinkler and headed in to get towels. When I returned I found this. “We don’t want to come inside, yet!” A said. “We playing!!” J declared. Sometimes I think all those boys need is a hose, cardboard boxes, and outdoor air to be happy.

And now on to some of my favorites from the week!

A perfect work outfit.

Cobalt pieces to match the cobalt nail polish I received for Mother’s Day.

You may not know this but I was Posh Spice for Halloween one year (okay maybe it was two years in a row). So obviously my love for Victoria Beckham’s style goes way back.

A home that has lots of light and brings the outdoors in is a dream of mine. Without actually bringing the outdoors in…we’re allergic to that. HA!

A dinosaur party that J would love. I hear, “STOMP, STOMP, ROAR!” daily.

This Father’s Day card could not be more perfect for my Dad.

I love being able to teach A not only about past artists, but also current ones. Yangyang Pang is an excellent choice.

J has tangles in his hair that will not quit. I purchased this detangler brush after reading about it in my Instyle magazine. I don’t know how or why it works, but it does and it is AMAZING.

The other night I had to make dinner on the fly, and I had chicken, bacon and cheese. So, I made this. They were great…even if I didn’t realize to the last minute that I had no buns for them. Lettuce wrapped!

A great interview about Molly Wizenberg’s new book and a tasty rice noodle salad.

This apartment is the same size as B and I’s first apartment. We could have been so much fancier with our decor!

And lastly, tasty picnic ideas for our many trail outings this summer.

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