Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesThis is a typical view of one of the valleys on the trail we hike. It brings two thoughts to my mind: One, how have we survived walking amongst all these allergens &  Two, who is mowing the fields on The Walking Dead? Think about it!

Being Maleficent and the standard of good vs. evil. Wait Maleficent is mean? I was too busy thinking about her awesome purple eyeshadow and sculpted brows during that movie. And then the Prince comes along is like “Boo, you’re a dragon I’m going to take you out…because you’re a dragon”…and then he marries some girl who has been asleep for all of their relationship. I’m going to hashtag that “bad choice…not okay”.

And speaking of eye make-up let’s talk about the best eyeliners. Mine is on there!

It’s as if IKEA knew I was coming and hence was the subject of this article.

How to “for real” budget…not just the pretend kind where you say you have a budget and then never use it…not that I do that.

Customized chore charts are a bit old for J, but A would get a kick out of them.

Almond torte mascarpone ice cream with a brown butter almond crunch. Yes, please.

A cute DIY for a stamped scarf. Sounds simple once you get the stamp put together. But that stamp putting together part…makes me wonder if I could just use the golden retriever stamp I have sitting in my craft drawer. Yes, I have a golden retriever stamp. And a staple gun. I have many items.

A list of 100 pieces of fantastic journalism.

How to clean out your car, quick!

I am currently reading Molly Wizenberg’s A Homemade Life, and just found out she is publishing another book. Book ten of my summer reading list!

My sister and I are continuing in our collection of matchy-matchy shoes with these super cute sneakers. She got the light gray and I got the dark gray. Both great!

I am going to let A use my old camera to take some pictures during our trip. This guide was my inspiration to help him get started.

And finally, if you are okay with a bit of foul language….these terrible tweets made me laugh until I cried. Seriously….just, why?

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