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Happy Friday! We safely made it through our first storm of the season. A would want me to report that the grill cover almost blew away, and a few of our tulips lost their petals (he was quite distressed about the petals). I am very glad that I already planted our herbs and veggies so A will have something to look forward to once the tulips have past their prime.

Here are just a few of my favorite postings, musings, and things from the week:

As my husband was hanging out with his buddies in Oxford, Mississippi this past weekend I came across this article from none other than Bon Appetit. Between my husband’s description of their fabulous bookstore and the restaurants listed in the article I really want to visit. Road trip!

Do you buy “happys”? Ever since I was little I can remember the love of indulgence in a little “happy” item now and then (AKA gift outside of birthday/holiday). Two of my favorites that I have purchased for (and with) the boys are J’s Jellycat Bear from Anthropologie and A’s Thumper Bunny from Disney World. Coming up my sister and I are going out for spring lunch and shopping and I have been mulling over this Anthropologie spoon rest or this wrap watch as possibilities. A little happy!

I have talked a lot this week about my adventures outside with the boys. I have always been the one in our house that immediately pulls the blinds up in the morning to let the outside in. I read a really lovely article in The Atlantic this past weekend that echoes that sentiment.

I know that some of you have been reading/watching Game of Thrones as my husband and I have. I saw this great clip about the actors’ choice of who they would have “win” Game of Thrones. I’m rooting for Tyrion.

After seeing these fabulous prints in several different blog posts, I really want one for each of the boys’ rooms. The porcupine and the baby chick are seriously ridiculous.

I am marinating a flank steak tomorrow with one of my favorite marinades and making mashed potatoes. My husband and his work buddies debated about if there is any mashed potato recipe that bests the main course. I am now on a mission to make one. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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