Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites“Sit, Sparky!”

J LOVES Sheriff Callie (It’s a show on Disney Channel). B is endless worried that J is going to develop a horrible southern accent because of it, however, A doesn’t sound like Yoda or an Octonaut, so…ANYWAY. J named his horse that he got for Easter “Sparky” after Sheriff Callie’s horse. He bosses it around, which is hilarious. He says “Sit, Sparky” and plops it down next to him when he flips through books, puts together puzzles, or watches a show. I suppose it’s nice to have something to boss around when you are constantly being bossed by your older brother.

And while J is bossing Sparky around…I’m going to tell B that clothes are waaay cheaper than they used to be, which is reason to buy more. HA!

Outdoor living is pretty much our theme for all summer, so it would be nice to dress it up.

A balance bench…that I can’t figure out if they would use or ride like a horse. Which is why we will test it out when we head to IKEA this summer. 😉

A dinosaur worksheet for A this weekend.

Sweet honeycomb sugar cookies.

I’m thinking this dress for summer + coat when it gets to fall.

I can never pass up a good caramel roll.

Barcelona has been on my list to visit since I took Spanish in high school and learned they take siestas. Yes, please!

A DIY entryway table that I think would look great in our living room.

The mini cube of Essie polishes the boys gifted me with for Mother’s Day.

A host of different ways to wear braids this summer.

Love the bright colors of this boys’ room.

Who knew a request for fruit could launch a thousand memes?

A go to outfit for rainy weather.

A seafood party sounds like a great plan for summer!

And finally to go with the seafood party….white chocolate lemon pudding cookies. Yum!

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