Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesTwo years ago after A’s very first year of preschool he told me before his Music & Art Show, “Mommy, I am NOT going to sing.” And by golly he did not. Two years later at his last preschool Music & Art Show, A was one of the loudest singers on stage. We could not be more proud of this sweet boy! Although I have felt a little sad about him leaving his preschool years behind (in part because of how wonderful his preschool is), I know that this confident, happy go lucky, earnest child is ready to head off to kindergarten in the fall.

So after a bit of reminiscing, here are some of my favorite items, thoughts, and ideas from my web reading this week!

A stack of fashion reading approved by none other than Anna Sui.

Paint color mistakes to avoid. Good to know as I am researching hall colors for our house.

A farmer’s market birthday party, such a cute idea for a 1-3 year old! Or any kid that likes farmer’s markets…maybe I should do it for my birthday. HA!

Delicate stripe earrings. Lovely!

A pastel make-up tutorial that will send you on a trip to Sephora and the MAC counter to pick up the essentials.

It is possible to baby proof and be stylish (I’m still skeptical).

I’m picking up the ingredients today to make this Vietnamese caramel pork stir fry.

Handwriting notes > Typed notes. However, anything is better than no notes, I’ll surely remember it….Not.

Did you know you are worth $1.40 more to marketers when you are pregnant? Here’s how one woman attempted to completely hide her pregnancy from big data.

I’m thinking about this for a great Mother’s Day idea….no peeking Mom!

Some serious hats….I’m wondering if I can wear any of these to garden this summer.

And lastly four ways to wear boyfriend jeans, and take them into the summer.

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  1. It was good! We made it with just iceburg lettuce instead of cabbage, and it was still tasty. The only thing about it is it takes a straight thirty minutes standing at the wok from start to finish of making it.

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