Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites“Saw cheesey, MaMa!” He said.

I tried drinking coconut water this week. It was gross. And I’ve had coconut water from a coconut before….but this. I don’t know. However, this article is about the benefits of coconut oil. Which you don’t drink. So I really am making no suitable connection with this discussion. Carrying on….

I really am drawing to houses that are bright and colorful. I need to start actually incorporating it in my own house!

A bunny birthday party. We love bunnies around here.

Some good to note tips on styling your home.

A beauty uniform discussion that is absolutely lovely.

Rose gold make-up + NARS = LOVE.

You know what else doesn’t mean what you think it means?¬†Irregardless.

Once again, science proves what Moms already know. Thanks science :). HA!

COLOR! Pink, red, orange, yellow. This is what I need to incorporate into my all navy wardrobe.

I’m Reading: Agatha Christie’s “They Came to Baghdad”

B’s Reading: George R.R. Martin’s “A Dance with Dragons”

A’s Current Favorite Story: Jane Yolen’s “Waking Dragons”

And lastly, the book J insisted on checking out from the library and pretended to read the whole way home: Stephanie Calmenson’s “Dinner at the Panda Palace”

And that’s it! Have a great weekend!

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