Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesThe current favorite activity at our house: Fix the truck and the fireplace. Tools required: Safety goggles, a play blowtorch (yes they make those), a play screwdriver, a lightsaber, and a batmobile scooter.

So here are some of my favorites from this week!

I am going out to buy marbles and rocks, after I read this genius idea. So smart!

Making B’s favorite kid’s cereal into a cookie? Yup, there’s a recipe for that.

I think J would love this little cargo plane balancer. And I’m betting a certain aviator cap wearing buddy of his would love it too!

An eye shadow in the radiant orchid spectrum. I think I’ll add this to my Mother’s Day request list.

Tips for looking great in your thirties. My favorite suggestion is the Butter London lip color.

I love the rich chocolate color of this crossbody bag and these sandals.

Now I need to go back and get the brioche I saw at Publix to make these french toast sticks for breakfast.

I love the clever storage ideas featured in this article, but my favorite is the bunk beds. Adorable and organized!

Because you can always learn more about Disney World.

A list of spring essentials that inspired some of my update purchases for my own wardrobe that I’ll share next week!

Two soups for stormy April weather.

One of my favorites: Emma Watson.

Lego’s in the kitchen? At least I wouldn’t be stepping on them.

One of B and I’s favorite catchphrases: I’m going to write them a sternly worded letter. Apparently no one else actually writes them either.

And lastly, I’m on the search for this little Zebra cloth napkin. Hoping it will show up at our Anthropologie soon!

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