Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites“May I help you?”

If there is one thing J eats well, it’s yogurt. He’ll eat any kind in any form. Any time. I buy enough for him to have two a day (and one for A…he likes it too!) a week and I get a variety from plain vanilla to strawberry-spinach-pear (yup they make that). ANYWAY. On to a few of my favorites from the week!

Spoiler Alert! An extreme form of media detention. I’m going to leave you to ponder why high school kids (I think that’s the age they reference) are watching Game of Thrones. Um, no.

For your inner science geek: seriously cool pictures of lightning as viewed from the international space station.

An adorable DIY felt garden box…J would LOVE this.

Although I tend to play close to neutrals, I love a bright color palette.

Okay, I was wearing this ponytail when I was in fourth grade. Seriously, I’m pretty sure I invented it. Apparently, I need to bring it back.

Plaid shirt on my list for Madewell in D.C., check, check! And here is the outfit that I first saw it styled with. All of which I love.

Pretty much what I love about this flour tortilla tutorial is the video at the end of the grilling process.

A beautiful and well styled apartment. It has SO many good ideas! My two favorites were this book to help with picky eaters, and this felt wall map.

Oh sure, blame your bad jokes on your kids. That’s the ticket.

A camera style tape dispenser for washi tape. Love!

An amazing wall art panel filled with different objects.

Silly pets.

My Mom made a shell mirror like this about 22 years ago. Again, we are ahead of the trend! HA!

Spring worksheets for your spring breakers who may be beginning to spin their wheels.

And lastly, more amazing cherry blossoms. I can’t get enough!

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