Friday Favorites

March 2014Two boys in their element. A building a hyper speed transformer base ship out of Legos, and J headed out (hands in pockets, natch) to take a walk.

I distinctly remember one of my sorority sisters in college comparing me to Dakota Fanning’s character in Uptown Girls. Now having two boys, I’m pretty sure that commitment to cleanliness is a distant memory. HA! Here are some more ways that she and Brittany Murphy were the perfect couple.

This muscle tee may not be up your alley at first, but pair it with a jacket for spring (white blazer, bomber, jean…you pick!) and it is pretty perfect.

J loves lambs the way A loves bunnies. Which is why this sheep would definitely be one of his favorites. Even if it is for bitty babies.

What’s the point of bay leaves? Something I have always wondered, myself.

These mini guinness floats sound like a great St. Patrick’s Day treat.

Have you heard the campaign about banning the word “bossy”? I think it is an interesting idea, but personally I own that term.

National popcorn day was Tuesday. We are having a belated party tonight to celebrate while watching The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Here are some great ideas to throw your own popcorn party.

If I was going to take the longest flight in the world, I would make sure I was on one of these planes (in first class! What, what!).

Loose change, empty fruit snack packages, fruit snacks that have been dropped, random receipts, a dried up pen, lollipops, an epi-pen, little picture folder of my boys, wallet, two lipsticks, powder, roller ball perfume, cellphone and keys. What’s in your purse?

It’s okay to not have all the answers.

A rolling pin, olive oil holder, and pestle all in one. That’s multitasking!

Take that, Spring.

Now that’s using Legos.

And A and I are making these cookies tonight. And homemade pizza. Yum!

Have a great weekend!

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