Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites/ Tulips

Our lovely tulips are blooming! All of A and I’s hard work this past fall has come to fruition. A checks on them every day when he gets home from school and gives them careful pats.

I know I have talked before about how I really don’t care for lunch. I don’t really like sandwiches, and I can never think of things to make that don’t make a huge mess. These green chile enchiladas are currently one of my favorite go to lunches.

I have been working with J on learning to make animal sounds. The book MOO that he got from his Nana and Grandpa for Christmas has been a great help and he LOVES it.

Speaking of favorite books, some of A’s lately are books about a process. One of his very¬† favorites is this Eric Carle collection (Walter the Baker, The Tiny Seed, Pancakes, Pancakes!).

As spring is here in the south (although it hasn’t felt like it the last two days!), that means summer is quickly approaching. Summer in the south means two things: hot and bugs. I found this article on Apartment Therapy to be insightful in fighting pesky mosquitoes.

My husband and I have been doing an ab competition following a 15 minute ab tutorial (called Ab Burn by Kendra Kemerley…you can find it on demand if you have Comcast or Xfinity)…however, we would probably do a lot better if we didn’t start laughing during the video.

During one of our recent play dates H’s Mama and I were discussing figuring out baby food options. I started following this series on The Wednesday Chef and it has giving me some great ideas for J.

Happy Friday!

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