Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesAbout a month ago, A and J started doing this thing where A tries to put on J’s socks. I took this picture of the boys on Thursday. A was coaching J on how to put on his own socks, even going so far to take off his own sock and put it back on, while verbally telling J the steps. I went to take a picture, and A looked at me and said “if he doesn’t learn to do it on his own we’ll be putting his socks on until his 100 million billion years old.” Truth.

This winter cocktail tea sounds like a great remedy for a cold. With or without the vodka!

I have heard (and read) that kids reach a non-talking phase around middle school at the dinner table. With the amount A talks, I honestly can’t imagine that scenario as hard as I try. However, if it does happen, I will be well prepared with these tips to get him talking again!

Paper lanterns as more than just party decor.

I have been on the hunt for a new snack idea, and I am trying this strawberry almond granola bark recipe this weekend.

This simple, yet slightly dramatic make-up is right up my alley.

We are always on the hunt for a new white wine, so I am keeping this list in my wallet.

This sweet DIY circle mobile has convinced me I need a two inch circle paper punch.

Ten super crazy driving laws…and guess what state is on there? Alabama. Don’t drive with a blindfold, folks.

Items you should never swap out when using cleaning supplies. Good to know!

The best hummus I have ever had was at Amsterdam Cafe in Auburn, AL. We were eating healthy before it was trendy. HA!

B turned to me last night and said, “Oh the Oscar’s are on Sunday, did you know that?” Uh, yes. Here is a list of best actress winner dresses…cause isn’t that we really watch for?

The Amalfi Coast in Italy is on my list of great places to go. Here’s a great guide to eating like a local there.

This Goodnight Moon print is so sweet.

And I thought I was fancy with my Millenium Falcon cut sandwiches. Apparently, not.

I needed a nailpolish pick me up, so I got Parka Perfect by Essie to paint my nails. It is pretty blue, but if you combined it with the Pure Pearlfection top coat it ups the glam.

Have a great weekend!

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