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IMG_4870Happy Valentine’s Day afternoon! The boys are going to enjoy chicken nuggets, fruit, and a movie tonight. Our dinner is being prepped by a local caterer, who is doing a Valentine’s special. My parents offered to treat us to the dinner, and we are pretty pumped about it! All we have to do is pick it up, and put the finishing touches together at home.

And yes, I have a few of my favorites to share from the week! Happy day of love!

I got the idea for the boys photo above from here.

Love never ends. Beautiful print.

Red hots crinkle cookies…I am looking forward to making these with the boys this weekend!

I love this Valentine’s themed color palette…it could be incorporated anytime!

I’m trying to decide if these tile coasters would work as wall decor with my current wall gallery in our room.

J loves blankets, stuffed animals, and little rugs. This starry rug would be a great addition to his room.

This tutorial on how to apply blush is really smart!

For boys who love Legos nothing really is better than a movie about Legos. Since they saw it last weekend for my nephews birthday, A has been discussing it non-stop. If you haven’t seen it, here is a great review of the film.

A humorous, but also really insightful, discussion of well balanced blogging. With charts!

This hat has J’s name written all over it.

In case you are making Valentine’s dinner…this chili rubbed steak looks delicious!

A great DIY for a fabric mirror. Yet another idea for our bedroom gallery wall? I keep telling B one day he is going to come home and the whole wall will be covered. HA!

I am putting this secret agent spy kit on my list for the boys to complete this summer.

Not only a great list of crafting basics, but also a terrific set-up of the crafting supplies. Is it weird I like to organize crafts as much as I like to do crafts?

I bought all the food to make these crunch wrap supremes for dinner tomorrow night.

Five things I can check off my list of not to worry about.

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